ANZAC Weekend Ride 2015, Day 1, Friday 24 April 2015

Everyone has their own way of celebrating ANZAC day. Whilst I used to attend the local dawn services, I have started to celebrate more my embracing what the ANZACs may have been fighting for. In 2015 Kerri, Peter and I went on our second annual ANZAC Day ride. Unfortunately Mark could not join us due to commitments but I do note that in 2016, ANZAC Day falls on a Monday so fingers crossed for next year.

The trip started on Friday 24 April with myself heading out solo to Flavours Cafe at Boonah. Just before Beaudesert I thought a nice stretch and quick snap of the bike as it is currently setup would be good. Please note that all my clothes and a standard sleeping bag can now fit into the one roll-top bag at the back of the bike. The saddle bags were just for tools, first aid kit, jacket liner and the seat bag was just for study books. So a smaller sleeping bag, books on PDF and a bit more work on tools etc and the whole package should be even neater.

Peter and Kerri would join me there later. What a great place for coffee and lemon cheesecake to die for.

You can not miss the place as it is on the main road into Boonah, the large Queenlander style building on your left. Plenty of parking and revhead friendly. The owner, Graham embraces all types of gearheads and himself has raced sports sedans at the highest level in Australia. The walls have lots of really interesting memorabilia. Graham came out to chat and is vey keen to help us out with Horizons Unlimited as well. Then a chat with two local off-road riders, mounted on a Yamaha XT660 and Suzuki DR650 who know the area very well. Left with a map of the area with a heap of hand written notes on local tracks that I can't wait to try out.

Peter and Kerri arrived, had a drink and refreshments and then we were off. Following my Google maps at times we were not 100% sure we were on the right track but it turns out we were the whole time. Here are some photos of the scenes on the way to our final destination just outside Stanthorpe:

It was about 6:30 PM, I think, when we rolled into Stanthorpe for tea and although the last hour was a little bit of a worry, it was well worth the ride. Very pleasing to see roadsigns that confirmed were were on the right track at times though.