Kenilworth - Maplton -25 Jan 2014

Today I caught up ith Mark, who teaches at the same school as my wife Karen. This is a good opportunity to note how small your world can be but first a bit about the ride. Unfortunately no pictures this time and no videos (thank goodnes I hear you say).

We set off from home at 9:00 am. Mark had arrived 10 minutes early and so none of that normal procrastination often associated with motorcycling, already a good sign. We headed out through Narangba, the back of Burpengary, Rocksberg and the Wamuran, Woodford, Maleny and Kenilworth. With light but constant rain, there was no temparature in the rosd surface or our tyres. Mark was on new tyres and I was on Mitas E07 dualsport tyres, so there wasn't anyreal chance to open up the throttles. This gave us more time to take in the smells, sights and sounds; this is one ofthe real benefitd of riding over driving, the more complete immersing in the environment as you travel. When going through a pine forest in Autumn you can almost taste the pine and the smell can stay on you for a day or so.

The final stage into Kenilworth was even more slow due to traffic andsowe pulled into the Bellbird Cafe. As usual, great coffee and it gave me a chance to day hello to Pete, the owner and leave some brochures on the next Horizons Unlimited meetings. From there Mark led the way via the Obi Obi road. A great track that comes out the back of the Mapleton pub. Lunch was served. I ordered a small garden salad and potato wedges. I have no idea what a large serving would be because I ended up giving away my wedges to a group of dirt bike riders also stopped in for lunch.

After a fine lunch and chat, we headed home via Montville, Maleny, Landsborough, Beerwah, Glasshouse, Beerburrum, Elimbah and Caboolture. Here Mark headed back to Brisbane and me back home. An excellent ride. The light rain kept things cool and breezy, the roads were not too busy and the views along the ranges as fantastic as ever, especially along the Obi Obi Road which was new to me.

Now about that small world business. As I said, Mark teaches at the same school as Karen. The same school that I went to as a child. Mark also went to the same high school as me, he was a few years behind me. Mark also had the same unusual surname as one of my cousin's husband although we haven't found a close family tie there. Nonetheless, as Mark once commented, if you are from Toowoomba, you will be related!