Days 10 and 11 - Ride home - 27, 28 Feb 2012

Off on the bike to Dan's place in Canberra. Sublime riding through the Alpine region and up the Hume. Thought about going across to Jindabyne but one look at the sky dashed all thoughts of that. Good decision it turned out as the next week the area flooded.

Spent the night in Canberra with Dan, his wife Alison and their great five children, watched one of the DVDs from the film festival "Off the Rails".

The next day Dan asked me how far do you think you will ride today. I said that last time I made it to Coffs Harbour and hoped to do better than that, perhaps 1,000 kilometres.

Well I got to 1,000 kms, just past Ballina and things were going well so I said to myself, "Well what else are going to do?" So I rode home; 1,241 kilometres in one day. My butt was sore for the next three days, but there you have it. Job done. Start thinking about the next trip now!

Days Seven, Eight and Nine - Adventure Travel Film Festival 24-26 Feb 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent at the the Adventure Travel Film Festival in Bright, Victoria. This event is an absolute must for anyone who is interested in something a bit more than a ocean liner, if you know what I mean.

If you were there, you know what I'm talking about

If you were not there, don't miss it next year - fabulous. Here's the link to watch:

To busy to take photos, its was just so good.

Day Six - Lunch at Healesville anyone? - 23 Feb 2012

Ok, had a day off, clothes washed, jacket liveable. What to do now? I'm an early riser and if the sun is up, generally so am I. So I skip breakfast and start riding towards Melbourne. Along the way I rang my dear friend Carol, and after a few missed phone calls, we organise to meet in Healesville for lunch. I actually went to Grade 1 with Carol in Primary School and then my family moved away, only to have Carol move to the same town and school in Year 12 - and she remembered me from Grade 1! We've been friends ever since and although we have not been able to keep in touch as often as we would like, my life is better for knowing Carol.

Lunch was great and we certainly won't let it so long between drinks next time. So what's a guy to do after that? Ride back to Bright I guess, so that's what I did. I am very grateful for the Airhawk and sheepskin seat cover after all these kilometres. Later on I will edit these posts on put in the mileage. For now that's a bit too rainman and so can wait for another patch of work frustration.

Just a big thumbs-up for the roads department in Victoria. You guys make fine roads and very decent roadsigns. Thanks,

Day Five - Washing Day - 22 Feb 2012

No pictures this time but I did learn a lesson about myself. I like clean clothes. Stopped in at Albury and booked into the motel for two nights so that I can get my washing done and air out my riding jacket. The jacket is a RJays entry level jacket and works really well but has gotten a bit stinky. I sprayed it out with some of the stuff you use to de-stink shoes and that with a day's airing seems to do the trick.

Albury is a beautiful place and going through some expansion as well. Lots of history here and next time, I'll be less slack with the camera.

Day Four - 21 Feb 2012

Well off to Albury, a decent ride over some great country. Yes, the bugs do grow big out here. These two photos are taken just outside of Wagga and also represent my first ever attempt to use the tripod and timer on the camera. Better job next time I think.

Old man and an old bike

Dead bug and I'm grateful for a full windscreen

End of Day Three - 20 Feb 2012

After leaving Wisemans Ferry I slowly made my way to the Blue Mountains where I spent a fantastic evening with Errol and Susanne, two of the nicest and most considerate people you could ever hope to meet.  A great time and a chance to recoup before heading of the next day to Albury

Day Three - 20 Feb 2012

By the third day I crossed back and forth a bunch of different roads and ended up at lunch at Wisemans Ferry. The roads around this area are very popular with motorcycle riders but also have a significant history from convict and pioneer days. The signposts invite you to research "The Convict Way", which is a series of trails built by convicts in the 1800's.

The ferry at Wisemans Ferry

The Convict Trail

The roads from the Hornsby side do twist a lot and are really the best for an under-powered cruiser ( I had some modifications that weren't finished yet ) and a sports tourer is a far better choice for this area. That's not going to happen for me for a while, so I just shrugged my shoulders, let anyone behind through and said to myself, "Ahh, what are you going to do?" and just enjoyed myself.

End of Day Two - 19 Feb 2012

Tuncurry. What a place to cool down after a long ride.

It doesn't get much better than this.

Later on Day Two, outside Dorrigo - 19 Feb 2012

No words, just pictures