Why do I use a windshield?

Here is the result of one return trip to the farm. This trip was via the D'Aguilar Highway, Yarraman, Cooyar. The trip went OK and it looks like this is faster than the Warrego Highway. The faceshield and glassess also need a clean.

Saturday 24 May 2014 - Campbell Pocket Road, Woodford, Maleny and Montville

On Saturday morning a group of us including Peter, Mark, Mick, Ian and myself headed up for a morning ride. This was the first time up Campbell Pocket Road from Wamuran to Mount Mee for some of us and it is very much a road worth doing.

 Here we are at the top of Mount Mee at the lookout.
This is at "The Edge" coffee shop and restuarant at Montville. It is actually part of a complex build right on and slightly over, the edge of the range. The views are spectacular as was also the lemon slice.

A wee helmet camera video of the ride along Campbell Pocket Road. 

Saturday 17 May 2014 - Rebuilt rear brake caliper on Suzuki DR800

Just to bring your attention to a fix on the Suzuki. The full story can be found on the bottom of the page for "The Widowmaker". Basically, if you have a good workshop and sometime, there is no reason you can't rebuild your brakes on a non-ABS bike. I'm not sure about ABS bikes though. My rear brakes are a little better when cold, a lot better was warmed up than before and no longer make any strange noises.

Sunday 4 May 2014 - Lions Road, Kyogle, Chillingham loop with Horizons Unlimited riders.

Today 10 of us from the Horizons Unlimited Brisbane community got together for a short day ride of about 450 kms. Eight of us met at the Shell Roadhouse in Belmont, Brisbane and rode down the Lions Ride to Ripples on the Creek . Two other rode directly there and we had a lovely breakfast and the service was very, very friendly. Here's a few photographs of the more photogenic members of the group:

After breakfast, the group split up with three Derek, Rod and Bruce going off-road. The rest of headed on tarmac back roads to Kyogle, Uki, Chillingham and then home.

Leaving Ripples on the Creek.

The Chillingham Banana Cabana:

The trip also gave me a chance to plug the upcoming Horizons Unlimited meeting in Beaudesert in October. Hopefully some riders stopping at Ripples for coffee will see our poster and come on by. The group has a few ideas for our next ride and it quite possibly will be a novice dirt day. Watch this space.

Helmet camera video to come. I've got about two hours of digital recording to go through and try to get the best 10 minutes out of.

With weather like this, get out there and play!