The trip(s) with no name

In 2013 I hope to do a quick trip around Australia. That will be dependant on confirming a job I am very keen on, so fingers crossed.

I've decided to leave it as the trip with no name, as since the Charley and Ewan phenomenon everyone seems to find it necessary to name their trips. Myself, I just want to see more of the world starting with Australia. As an aside, I think Charley and Ewan have done an absolute wonderful job both inspiring others and educating people on what can be done. Some people moan that they had support vehicles etc; I say so what! They got their bikes through and let us join their journeys. So to the boys and their supporters I say " I doff my cap to thee, and thanks".

So why would I say "trip(s)" with no name. Its simple, I am not sure I can make it around Australia in one hit. Its a goal but if I don't make it in the one go I'll be back.