Saturday 7th October 2017. What to do with a flat tyre on a cruiser?

A few weeks ago I had a flat tyre on the rear wheel on the V-Star. A bit frustrating but no matter, a chance to try a few things. Dirt bikes are easy, cruisers are not so much. I suspected that bot only was the tube pierced where a screw had gone in but also has split near the valve. I attempted to replace the tube myself but lacked confidence in breaking the tyre bead away from the rim. So after removal, I took the wheel and spare tube to Tyres for Bikes at Albion, who fixed it all straightaway.

This flat tyre gave me a chance to find out a few things. First, it avtually doesn't take much to take the rear wheel off or to re-install it. Here are all the tools you need:

Of course, a lift is a big help. There are other ways to raise the bike, but as of today, these are now less than $200.00 at most auto stores in Australia.

The other thing I learnt is that some of the instant aerosol flat repair products actually do work. They can leave the tube a mess but will get you home. So I now carry a can of the Motul product with me. This puts to rest a worry I have always had nagging me about what to do if I get a flat whilst travelling. The Motul can will always get me to a town where I can have a bike shop replace a tube.