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Who knows, I may read something important. Actually I do read a lot, not as much as I used to and so before dementia gets me, I thought it may help to list out some of the travel and motorcycle books and where to get them, just in case someone is interested.

Keep Moving: Tokyo to Cape Town by Motorcycle

Written by Monica Joseph
Available from the Book Depository:

I first met Monica at an Horizons Unlimited meeting in Dayboro Queensland in 2013 and once I heard her story, was very keen on getting a hold of her book. It took me a while to order the book from the Book Depository but once I did, I was very glad that I had. Its quite a read. Monica's story is quite interesting as she actually rode a motorcycle when she was younger but family and career put a kybosh on that for some years. Essentially once Monica and her husband Simon decided that they would travel the world on bikes, she re-started from scratch. Simon rescued the very same bike from younger days and then Monica relearnt how to ride. From there, the journey grew.

From the shipping of the bikes to the trials of riding with people with very different styles of travel, Monica tells it like it is. In doing so, she opens the reader to the possibility that whilst it isn't always easy, it can be done. The trick is, of course, to keep moving.

A good read and certainly recommended considering such an adventure, especially for the late starters.Inspiration and education in the one package.