The Money Pit

My third bike is a 1987 Kawasaki GPz750, also known as a ZX750A3. This is the last of the air/oil cooled models which really has much more in common with the 1985 and 86 models. In fact I think it is exactly the same except for the numbers stamped on the frame. Often mistaken for the later model with liquid cooling, it is a difficult bike to source parts for.

The bike was bought for $800.00 and I've spent many time that getting it up-to-speed and still a way to go. At the moment it is still in pieces and will remain so until the DR800 is fully sorted. I've made some serious mistakes on restoring the bike, including replacing the front fork seals when not fully prepared. $400.00 later for hard chroming to fix my mistakes was an expensive and valuable lesson.

Hopefully though, this bike will become a worthwhile investment. It is now 25 years old and officially an "vintage" bike. More importantly, it should be fun to ride when all done and have a nice "wow" factor that all old Kawasaki Z bikes seem to have. Photos to come.

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