Thurs 24 Dec 2015. Esk for lunch

Today I headed out to Esk for lunch with a great friend from Uni, Amanda, and her husband Michael. Great ride, good food but most of all, excellent company.

On the way home stopped at Caboonbah. Looks like a very pleasant stop for a byo coffee or lunch in the future.

Wednesday 23 Dec 2015. Update on the V-Star 650

Just to report that all is very, very good. In the last week or so I have ridden the bike to the farm and back as well to work and back a few times. Really, it is running better than ever. Starts easily and currently getting over 22 kilometres to the litre on 98 octane fuel. I expect to get close to the same on standard 91 octane but will check that out over time. The Dyna3000 CDI unit is set to ignition curve 3 and I will try curve 4 in a few weeks. Hopefully that will unleash another horsepower or two as well.