Video footage from Sat 12 Mar 2016; a small bike nap.

Took a while but though I would share some helmet cam footage of a small slip. Nothing major, just did a rookie mistake of not checking the creek crossing. When I looked back later, I could see that it was about 10 cms deep of algae. Overall a great day though and some better footage of the ride from Toogooloowah to Crows Nest to follow:

Saturday 12 Mar 2016. Just a few extra photos

First an acknowledgement to my Horizons Unlimited friends who took and uploaded these photos. Thanks to Chris, Mark, Julie and Carien who were all involved in this little adventure.

Here we are at Crows Nest, after the short run between Toogoolawah and Crows Nest. A nice mixture of tarmac and a range of gravel surfaces.

This is the sport where I slid out. Rookie mistake of not checking the surface properly but nothing seriously hurt. Nice place to stop actually.

If you want to have a look at this area, these are some good guides to try: 

Saturday 12 March 2016. Bimbling around Crows Nest

On Saturday a group from Horizons Unlimitee South East Queensland mob net a Toogooloowah and travelled cross country around Crows Nest, Hampton, Plainbyand Emu Creek. We followed a guide provided by the Hampton Visitor Information Centre, 'Drive G'. More on that to follow. I had a small off, did not prepare properly for a creek crossing covered in algae. Nothing serious and my diy extended hand guards worked very well. More in the trip later but for now,  a photo of the damage.