Video Library #1. <- October 2015

Here is my library of videos made from both my Contour Roam 2 helmet camera and also my Panasonic Lumix digital camera. As time goes by and also my understanding and ability, I hope to use a better camera and software but for now this is it.

Unless otherwise stated, all music is by Kevin MacLeod ( or Jason Shaw.
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

The videos are hosted on YouTube and have been "moneytized", so sorry for the adds. Feel free to click through the adds if you wish.

A couple of tips on creating videos that I think I should mention are below. These tips are things I have learnt through my mistakes and you should see differences between videos as I learn and apply new ideas and lessons.

1. A helmet camera uses your body to dampen movement and vibration, so is usually better than mounting a camera onto the bike.

2. Even when mounted to the helmet, the basic design of the bike affects vibration. I find that the DR800 produces smoother videos than the V-Star and this is likely a combination of the vibrations of the V-Twin motor and shorter suspension travel on the V-Star.

3. Play with the angle and placement of mounting. I'm quite happy with the mounting on the Lockyer Valley rides, just a bit of the helmet in the frame to show that is helmet mounted, but not too much view blocked by the helmet.

4. When YouTube offers to remove vibration, answer no.

5. Another way to reduce vibration is to check your tire pressure and steering head bearing torque. This reduces vibration in the handlebars and through the frame.

6. I try to avoid spending money unnecessarily, so use Windows Live Movie Maker, which is free. However to make it work native format of the Contour Roam 2 camera ( MP4 ), I had to download and install Format Factory Plug-In. I guess but am not sure, that if I downloaded and installed the K-Lite codec pack this may have worked too. I also recommend downloading and installing the VLC Media Player program as that allows you to play multiple formats.

7. I know it sounds obvious but always check your battery before leaving. Also clear off older recordings.

8. Upgrade the SD cards to the largest and fastest your cameras can work with.

9. Watching helmet camera footage has some novelty but can be monotonous so in keep each video short and try to find things that keep it interesting such as matching music or the occassional still photo.

Just a tip for viewing the videos too. Blogspot displays them in the smaller format but if you open them up in YouTube, you can get a larger view.

Saturday 7 November 2015. Out and about Jimna.

Saturday 24 October 2015. Lockyer Valley and Scenic Rim.

January 2015. A few of the organizing team for Horizons Unlimited out and about Lockyer Valley.

July 2014. East Timor with Timor Adventures.

August 2014. The Great Australian Ride send off.

Sunday 17 June 2014. A training day for Horizons Unlimited in off-road riding.

A day in the dirt Part I.

Saturday 24 May 2014.

A quick look at Campbells Pocket Road, Saturday 24 May 2014.

A day out with Horizons Unlimited, Sunday 4 May 2014.

Lions Road Part I.
Lions Road Part II.

Lions Road Part III. Looks like I added up wrong here!

ANZAC Day Weekend 25-27 April 2014

Casino to Kyogle highlights, 27 April 2014
Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious, 25 April 2014

Brisbane Valley, 9 April 2014

Wallers Road chickening out.
Harlin to Kilcoy.

Snowy Mountain Highway 9 Feb 2014

Video 1, the scary one.

Kingaroy for coffee, Queensland, Australia. 3 August 2013
Music for this set of videos provided by Jason Shaw, .  Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Kingaroy for coffee Part 1.
Kingaroy for coffee Part 2.

Kingaroy for coffee Part 3.
Kingaroy for coffee Part 4.

Kingaroy for coffee Part 5.

Wamuran to Petrie ( Mount Mee in reverse ), Queensland, Australia. 19 April 2013
Wamuran to Petrie Part 1.

Wamuran to Petrie Part 2.

Wamuran to Petrie Part 3.

Wamuran to Petrie Part 4.

Wamuran to Petrie Part 5.

Wamuran to Petrie Part 6.

Lockyer Valley Ride, Queensland, Australia. 15 April 2013.

Lockyer Valley Ride Part 3

Lockyer Valley Ride Part 2

Lockyer Valley Ride Part 1

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. 20 Feb 2013.

Great Ocean Road Part 3

Great Ocean Road Part 2

Great Ocean Road Part 1

Alpine Way, Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. 12 Feb 2013.

Scammells Lookout

Cunninghams Gap, Queensland, Australia. 8 Feb 2013.

Aratula to Cunninghams Gap

Woodford to Kenilworth, Queensland, Australia. December 2012.

Bellbird Cafe Ride Part 6

Bellbird Cafe Ride Part 5

Bellbird Cafe Ride Part 4

Bellbird Cafe Ride Part 3

Bellbird Cafe Ride Part 2

Bellbird Cafe Ride Part 1

Mount Mee, Queensland, Australia, 2012.

Mount Mee Part 5.

Mount Mee Part 4.

Mount Mee Part 3.

Mount Mee Part 2.

Mount Mee Part 1.