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I'm no intellectual and have no idea what makes a good bit of viewing pleasure. I mean, "Duck Dynasty" and "High Tech Rednecks" to me represent the best of modern culture. However I thought that this would give me a chance to share some of the travel and motorcycle films and shows that I really liked and where you may be able to get a copy.

Mondo Enduro 

Directed by Austin Vince

The first of a line of films from British adventurer, Austin Vince. Back in the day before the Internet, a round the world trip on 350 cc dirt bikes was a real challenge and Austin and the team rose to it. Filmed on super 8 film and early videotape technology, Mondo Enduro is a movie that embraces the DIY ethic with a real charm and humour. Today's production values may be higher but the effort from this ragtag group of adventurers is amazing.

If you need proof that you don't need a $30,000 motorcycle and a huge backup team to make a dream come true, this is it. The official Mondu Enduro website is: and that links to the Dirt Punk website from which you can purchase your own cop. Great for a few good laughs and a lot of perspective

Dust to Glory

Directed by Dana Brown

An inspiring story of the 2003 Baja 1000, not just of the main character, Mike 'Moose' McCoy but of the entire off-road racing community involved in this great event. From the late, great, Steve McQueen through  to Mario Andretti, this film features inspiration from those who have been there, done that and are doing it again. A great insight into the race and the lives of those it draws in.

If you ride motorcycles, Dust to Glory is a must watch.

The Ride, Volume I

Produced by Kevin and Julia Sanders of Globebusters a UK based motorcycle travel company.

Imagine being a tour leader and taking a tour from Anchorage, Alaska up to Prudhoe Bay and then down the Americas all the way to Tierra Del Fuego. Now imagine stuffing that tour with a complete set of novices to long distance riding. Then throw in the challenge of filming it over five months. On top of that, they're all British!

Seriously though, its a good laugh and an insight to what an organised tour can be including the group dynamics. If you are new to touring in a group, this may be worth watching.

I recommend this to anyone interested in seeing how other people think and feel when away form their regular environment. You don't have to be into motorcycles to enjoy it. Available from a range of DVD stores and even Super Cheap Auto in Australia. You can also purchase it directly from Globebusters from their online store.

The Ride, Volume II

Similiar to The Ride, Volume I but this time from Istanbul to Beijing. This time, a few ring-ins from USA and Poland and a different group dynamic. They also face some greater riding challenges but overall, this volume is as enjoyable, if not so a little bit more, than the first. Again available at many DVD stores or at the Globebusters online store.

Riding Solo to the Top of the World

    Director : Gaurav Jani
    Producer : Dirt Track Productions
    Executive Producer : P. T. Giridhar Rao
    Project Co-ordinator : Rajiv B. Menon
    Editor : Sankalp Meshram
    Music : Ved Nair
    Mixing Engineer : Dwarak Warrier

A moving film about Gaurav Jani's solo motorcycle journey from Mumbai, India to one of the remotest places in the world, the Changthang Plateau in Ladakh, bordering China. Gaurav filmed this on his own, a one-man film unit and he produced a beautiful visual explanation of the more remote regions of India. It wasn't an easy journey but it was one that touched Gaurav deeply and he shares that emotion with the camera and the audience. This film really shows where motorcycle travel can lead you, if you let it.

I'm not sure where in Australia you can buy this but you can order online from Dirt Track Productions.

One Crazy Ride

    Director : Gaurav Jani
    Riders : Nicolitta Pereira, Vinod Panicker, Sanjeev Sharma, Gursaurabh Singh Toor, Gaurav Jani
    Producer : Dirt Track Productions
    Project Co-ordinator : Rajiv B. Menon
    Editor : Kishore Jadhav
    Music : Ved Nair
    Mixing Engineer : Dwarak Warrier
Gaurav from Riding Solo to the Top of the World joins four friends on a challenge across the Himalayan state
of Arunachal Pradesh, situated in North-east India. Ultimately the story is not so much about the motorcycle travel as it is about the friendship between them all.

As with Riding Solo, I'm not sure where in Australia you can buy this but you can order online from Dirt Track Productions.