Day Six - Lunch at Healesville anyone? - 23 Feb 2012

Ok, had a day off, clothes washed, jacket liveable. What to do now? I'm an early riser and if the sun is up, generally so am I. So I skip breakfast and start riding towards Melbourne. Along the way I rang my dear friend Carol, and after a few missed phone calls, we organise to meet in Healesville for lunch. I actually went to Grade 1 with Carol in Primary School and then my family moved away, only to have Carol move to the same town and school in Year 12 - and she remembered me from Grade 1! We've been friends ever since and although we have not been able to keep in touch as often as we would like, my life is better for knowing Carol.

Lunch was great and we certainly won't let it so long between drinks next time. So what's a guy to do after that? Ride back to Bright I guess, so that's what I did. I am very grateful for the Airhawk and sheepskin seat cover after all these kilometres. Later on I will edit these posts on put in the mileage. For now that's a bit too rainman and so can wait for another patch of work frustration.

Just a big thumbs-up for the roads department in Victoria. You guys make fine roads and very decent roadsigns. Thanks,