Day Three - 20 Feb 2012

By the third day I crossed back and forth a bunch of different roads and ended up at lunch at Wisemans Ferry. The roads around this area are very popular with motorcycle riders but also have a significant history from convict and pioneer days. The signposts invite you to research "The Convict Way", which is a series of trails built by convicts in the 1800's.

The ferry at Wisemans Ferry

The Convict Trail

The roads from the Hornsby side do twist a lot and are really the best for an under-powered cruiser ( I had some modifications that weren't finished yet ) and a sports tourer is a far better choice for this area. That's not going to happen for me for a while, so I just shrugged my shoulders, let anyone behind through and said to myself, "Ahh, what are you going to do?" and just enjoyed myself.