ANZAC Weekend Ride 2015, Day 2, Saturday 25 April 2015

The 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day. There are many ways of looking at that day but none of those can diminish the courage displayed by the soldiers on the ground.

On this day Peter, Kerri and I planned to ride from Stanthorpe to Inverell, visit the National Transport Museum and return. So we did just that. Breakfats at MacDonalds and then off down the New England Highway, stopping at Deepwater for refreshments, turning off at Glenn Innes and another short hop to Inverell. Between Glen Innes and Inverell is this great lookout. I can never remember the name but we will call it Pajero Place, from a previous trip Karen and I did in our old Pajero. At the top of the short but rutted track were three other Pajeros and their very enthusiastic owners. A great time with the boys and a great memory to recall as well.

Into Inverell and then to the musem. At least that's what we planned. It has moved since I last visited and so we had to use the S&A method. Stop & Ask. Hard for men to do but once you have been riding motorcycles long enough you learn that there is no loss of pride or shame in asking. In fact, no matter where you are, almost always people are only to happy to help. Armed with new directions, we then made our way across town and the photos of the museum spek for themselves:

After a very late lunch at KFC, back to Stanthorpe. It was getting late and so we stopped for dinner ath the Balledean Motel Tavern. As we passed by and saw that it was a family friendly place it looked good. When we saw the smoke coming out of the chimney, the place had us at hello. Another great country dinner and then back the final hop to our chalet.