Ghetto modification - Exhaust heat shield

On the Duck Creek Ride I squashed one of the two heat guards. No a big deal but as I have become more confident in manufacturing things I thought I would try something new. A walk around the local hardware suply threw up this drainage grate. Looked the part and so by bending the edges and cutting some slots for hose clamps to fit through, well the pcitures again show the story:

In this first picture you can see the two original heat shields. They cost $30.00 each plus postage. I did paint them when new but a lot of that has worn off naturally. You can also see the grate which cost $3.00 and gave me an excuse to have a field trip to the hardware store, we call it redneck recreation.

In this second photo you can see the super professional heat shield all mounted up. I did reuse the extra long hose clamps that came with the original heat shields and so I guess if I had to buy those as well that would have cost another $1.00 to $5.00 each. The rounded edges on the grate are particularly appealing and should help avoid wear and tear on the saddle bags.