Days 11, 12 and 13. Friday 14 Feb 2014 to Sunday 16 Feb 2014

The Adventure Travel Film Festival.

Not too many photos, as I was working most of the time as a volunteer. However do not think that it was not fun. Although you don't get to see all the films and presentations you get to meet far more people, especially the presenters when you volunteer and that is really worth the effort. I was able to do a fair bit of promotion and organising for Horizons Unlimited as well, recruting a number of speakers for our upcoming events in October this year.

There were films on bicycle riding through Europe and Africa, motorcycling from the South Africa through to Egypt, the history of the Kombi van, sailing around the world and many others. Presentations to match, including Jakob French's talk on walking around Australia in a stormtrooper outfit to raise money for the Starlight Foundation. Jakob is an amazing young man who has a heart for helping others and here he is below getting ready for a talk.

 Here is Alain and Rupert. Alain is a French-Canadian who shared the unit with myself and another Horizons Unlimited member, Jacqui. Both Alain and Jacqui are amazing people, who both help out whenever asked and have great organizational skills. Next to Alain is Rupert, the main organizer, the Big Cheez. This year Rupert had greater responsibility and control over the event than ever before and its smooth running is a great credit to him.

On Saturday night we had a get together with about 20 people from Horizons Unlimited.