Day 10, Thursday 13 Feb 2014

Melbourne to Bright and the Adventure Travel Film Festival.

After an early morning farewell to Carol, it was off to Highgrove Firearms at Keilor. Its never easy saying goodbye to Carol as we went to school together in Year 1, way back in ... My family moved away and yet Carol ended up in my school in Year 12 and we have been firm friends ever since. However at best we get to see each other once a year and whilst Adam Brand once sang that good friends are worth more than money any day; Carol's friendship is priceless.

Off to Highgrove Firearms to meet Eric. What is the story there you may ask? Our youngest son, Daniel, was a bit of a handful in his teens but now works in the largest firearm dealership in Australia, Cleaver Firearms. There they do both retail and wholesale and Daniel has become quite well known amongst the retailers across Australia. Indeed, the family that owns Cleaver Firearms have welcomed Daniel into their business and their homes and it is quite a blessing to Karen and I to see how much Daniel has grown and changed since starting there. We are both sure that it is in part to growing up and hormones but also very much due to the efforts of Tony, Jo, Jade and Sam looking out for Daniel. Several years ago Tony gave me his word that he will look out for Daniel and time has shown that Tony is a man of integrity and honesty who keeps his word.

Daniel called me whilst I was in Cooma and asked me to drop in and check out Eric's store, Highgrove Firearms in Keilor, whilst I was in Melbourne and so I did on my way back to Bright for the film festival. Clearly a very neat, tidy and welcoming firearms store and Eric, the owner was thrilled to meet Daniel's dad. Daniel has clearly left a good impression on Eric as a friendly, helpful and most importantly, reliable person to deal with. Eric took a photo of me to send to Daniel and I grabbed a few of Eric and the store. When I went to purchase a duck call for Karen to use at school, Eric refused to let me pay, saying that no mother of Daniel's should have to pay for such a thing.

So a big thanks to the Cleavers and Eric. We have seen Daniel come alive through this environment and that is all a parent can ask for.