Day 9, Wednesday 12 Feb 2014


Today I spent the day with Carol. We spent the day driving down to Sorrento to the venue where he lovely daughter Sarah would like to get married in a few year. The venue is great and the view overlooking the beach is worth every cent. I can see that Carol will have a logistic challenge getting accomodation and access sorted but if anyone can do this, Carol can. A few years ago Carol got her bus licence so that she can drive a bus around with all her relative during he annual sojorn back home.

Sorry no photos.

The most surpising thing was yet to come. After tea I threw a TV series called "The Ride" into the DVD. Its a motorbike story about a group from the UK who travel from Anchorage, Alaska up to Prudhoe Bay and then back down all the way to Ushuia. The unusual aspect of the tour is that everyone in the group except the tour leaders, support van driver and cameraman are all novice motorcycle travellers. "Its not a holiday, its an adventure".

I thought that Carol would watch an episode or two and enjoy the laughs. She watched the whole ten episodes and announced that to travel like that on a bike would be great and would now consider getting her licence. Another convert!