Day 8, Tuesday 11 Feb 2014

Tourist Time!!

I dragged Carol around to the Victoria Markets and then Werribee Mansion. We had a great time and the markets have changed a bit since I was there last, some 20+ years ago. There are a few more eateries where you can sit and have good coffee and a little less hustle and bustle. Actually quite nice and I look forward to going back. It did, and still does as I type this, bring back pleasant memories from when Karen, Benjamin and I lived there.

Werribee Mansion is a great window into our colonial past and it is a location that stores memories of a great dynasty - the Chirnsides - and great tragedy. I see things a bit differently to when we lived in Melbourne as time, experience and study make me more sensitive to issues of social injustice, especially that of both class and race. Nonethless the vision of the Chirnsides was nothing short of spectacular and the work of the Victoria Parks staff is just fantastic.

For those among you who are fans of the television show "The Great Australian Bake-Off" you may recognise the grounds.