Day 7, Monday 10 Feb 2014

Cooma to Melbourne.

Another big day in the saddle. After the detour back to Cooma from Cann River, it was an early kick-off to Melbourne ... or so I had planned. The smoke and mist on the Snowy Mountains Highway was daunting and I waited to see how it would clear an set off once I thought visibility was safe.

The helmet camera video shows another story. Mum, once this is uploaded, don't watch.

For scary Helmet Camera Video click here.

The view from the Snowy Mountains Highway was spectacular and the detour, eight hours in the saddle, overnight stay in Cooma was all worth it.

I must say thought, that when the visibility dropped once again, I found myself behind a silver Mazda 3 that seemed to be driven by a local who knew what he or she was doing. The MP3 playing was playing "Carry You" by a Christian band called Paradox and it sure seemed like a gift from Heaven. So I ducked in behind this car all the way to Tumut. A godsend.

Now this is where I learnt another lesson: Photos for the web, for blogs, facebook etc of course only need to be low resolution. I have always known this but for some reason not really applied it to the camera in my Samsung phone. Of course with the lower resolution comes a lower file size and quicker upload. In this case the files dropped down from eight megabytes to around 256 kilobytes. Imagine how much faster the uploads become after that change. So from here on in I will use the phone camera for Internet pictures and my lovely Panasonic camera for pictures that I want to print out. Another lesson learnt, or perhaps better put as remembered, revised and re-applied.

I finally arrived safely at Carol's place in Melbourne and it sure was great to see her and catch up. Her partner John showed up a little later on his new bike - an newer, cleaner and basically better version on my V-Star. So we stood around and compared notes. John obviously knows how to piece together the right accessories and his bike looks brilliant and I am sure that with the aftermarket exhaust, hypercharger and re-jetted carburettors it will go quite hard. My V-Star look quite sad next to John's, but, well its mine and it goes just fine and as Shrek said to his little pal "That'll do donkey, that'll do".