Day 6, Sunday 9 Feb 2014

Sussex Inlet to Cann River and turned back to Cooma.

I spent Saturday in the company of some great people I have met through Horizons Unlimited, the organization I've been involved with for some time that promotes overland travel by bicycle, motorcycle, car, truck; whatever. Tony and Peter and their families invited me into their home and circle of friends and we had a great time. They gave me some great tips on the ride down to Melbourne and I headed off early. The trip was brilliant, I got to do some of the side tours Tony and Peter suggested and still made good time.  So I decided that I would try to reach Melbourne and suprise my friend Carol by arriving a day early.

Yeah right!

I was still in with a chance to make it as I reached Cann River. The skies were foreboding but never having really had anything to do with fires before I did not not really know what the colours in the sky all meant. The police at the roadstop at Cann River explained. This meant detouring back to Cooma via Bombala and then down the Snowy Mountain Highway and down to the Hume Highway. A small detour of about eight hours. My sore butt!

It actually was a pleasant experience. The area is known as a great motorcycle riding area and there is an annual motorcycle rally at Bombala that is known around the world. Perhaps one day I'll get to it.
I will load up some helmet camera footage once I have edited it well. That may take a while ...