Day 5, Saturday 8 Feb 2014

NSW south coast from Helensburg to Sussex Inlet.

The photo was taken an uploaded on the day travelling, but the words are written in retrospect as I have found that using the Blogger app and Samsung Galaxy Note telephone and 3G to difficult. I have been travelling with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (with 8 inch screen) a lot more convenient than packing the laptop but finding decent Wireless  just a distraction. The biggest issue though has been working with the small inbuilt keyboard. So the next step is to purchase a small external keyboard and I will do that for the next trip, which will probably be East Timor in June. If that works, I'll mark it down as another travel lesson learnt. There are plans afoot for a few weekends away; one road and one off-road but I'll type those up upon return each time.

This is an ex-Navy helicopter, parked outside the information centre at Jervis Bay. A beautiful spot and very pleasant ride down from Mark and Melissa's at Helensburg.

Now if you are wondering if the ride down was great, well, judge for yourself. This is at Mount Pleasant and a picture says a thousand words.