Day 5, Saturday 8 Feb 2014

I'm sitting at MacDonalds at Bulli using the tablet. So this will be the first chance to put some words to the pictures as using the phone is still a challenge for me.

Last night I stayed at Mark and Melissa's house. Melissa is the oldest daughter of my cousin Peter and his wife Lyn. Their baby boy, Xander is one of only two young children I know who doesn't get scared thefirst time he sees me. The other is another of Peter and Lyn's grandchildren, Ella.  Melissa and Mark have a great house in a town just south of Royal National Park.

Today I am off to spend a few days at Sussex Inlet to catch up with Tony. Tony is another member of Horizons Unlimited; he attended his first meetingat Cavendish, Victoria in 2013 andhas put his hand up to organise a meeting in NSW and we plan to visit a few potential sites.

The sun is out and the bike is fuelled up. It should be a good ride but that doesn't stop me from thinking about the family back home and missing them all.