A note on making videos

Well I've just reviewed the videos from the ride yesterday ( 3 Feb 2013 ). I had to leave the laptop uploading whilst I was out today and only had my first chance to have a look. From what I can see, it is a good idea to:

1. Save the finished file in High Definition - 720 Pixel format.

2. When YouTube says that it detected that the video may be shaky and would I like YouTube to fix this - Answer NO! The original video is fine and elminating the shaky created a crazy border that moves about.

3. A six minute file will exceed 100 megabytes and depending on the quality of the connection, will take at least an hour to upload. Perhaps that means lunch at MacDonalds!

4. I need to pay attention to the angle of the camera on the helmet and perhaps even consider moving the mount back and up slightly.

5. I don't need to stop and start the camera whilst riding to keep the clip sizes down to less than 10 minutes. Windows Live Movie Maker will allow me to split a file, delete the unnecessary bits and create an appropriately sized file. Although it may be easier to stop and restart; a bit of experimentation still needed here.

6. Installing the free basic version of Format Factory did something to Windows Live Movie Maker that enabled it to work with MP4 files. The camera records natively in MP4 and so this is a great bonus.

Please note that these notes are here primarily for my benefit so that I don't forget them. However if anyone else benefits from these thoughts that AOK too.