Day One - The trip with no name - Friday 8 Feb 2013

Find the keys, pack the bike, find the laptop cover - well two out of three ain't bad - as the song says and it looks like I now have the opportunity to buy a new laptop cover in the next few days.

After a fairly low key departure I travelled via the New England Highway to Tenterfield and already have found that you must pack your luggage properly. If using throw-over saddle bags, they must be somewhat balanced or they become so lopsided that they may even fall off! Fortunately I had previously sewn an extra strap that goes under the spreader bars and that kept everything together.

Once settled into a room at the Settlers Motel at Tenterfield, I then de-packed ( Is that even a word? It is now! ) and re-packed, so hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more easy. This being the first time I've ridden with tent, sleeping bag etc there is a bit more equipment than I am used to and it is a learning experience.

Tomorrow I hope to visit the Tenterfield School of Arts Museum and learn a bit more about Australian history, particularly Federation. The Tenterfield School of Arts is where the "Father of Federation", Sir Henry Parkes, made a famous speech that help galvanize Australians move towards federation.

So now, here are the pictures:

Should the "Rainmaker" also be known as "Fat Albert"?

This is really a big bike.
I also recorded quite a bit with the helmet camera but these take a long time to upload and so I will add these as time allows. Here is the first video which is from Aratula to about halfway up Cunninghams Gap: