Quick Trip to Bathurst 8-11 November 2012

The DR800 finally got the best of me. After many hours of cleaning and rebuilding the carbuettors, I thought I had it sorted. Indeed, it started on second go and then ... it stopped.

Out of despair I reached out to some of the guys on various Internet forums. Rob from Bathurst is a specialist; clearly a talented amateur from whom many professionals could learn from. Ron agreed to look at my bike and so arrangements were made for me to tow it down to him and leave it with him for a few months. I am so relieved.

On Thursday morning I set off.

On the way down, I stayed at Bingara. Fuelling up on Friday morning at the local BP I met Bim who has just upgraded to a Triumph Thunderbird and is planning to tour Queensland in the very near future. Bim told me that the road between Bingara and Narribri is a great bike road. "The whole way you will be wishing you were on your bike". How true that was. Here are some of the views:

What's wrong with these photographs? The bike should be on the road, not the trailer!. Hopefully that will be resolved soon enough.

Taken with Samsung Galaxy Note phone 2/3s along the way from Bingara to Narrabri.
On Friday afternoon I arrived at Rob's place. We stayed up Friday night talking bikes. On Saturday morning we spent hours in the shed ... talking bikes. Here's the punchline. Rob said, well, lets see what happens when we sturn it over and you've guessed it; the Widowmaker started and in fact ran well. Perhaps the bouncing around on the trailer had loosened the needles or some rubbish in the fuel lines. Nonetheless Rob could see other problems that needed attention and so I left the Widowmaker with Rob and set off on my way back up through to Narrabri and then Moree, letting the Garmin Montana have its way with me.