Grace Lutheran Church Ride 17 November 2012

The day started a bit "wrong" for me, as I hadn't fully read the instructions for the ride and was down at the church with fellow rider Mark, whilst everyone else was waiting for us at Grace Lutheran College. Fortunately for us a quick trip home and a rescue call from Desley and we were on our way.

Pastor Chris lead us up through the Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Montville and Mapleton, down through Nambor, Cooroy and then Noosa. Lunch at Elvis' Rock and Roll Diner and then back along the coast to Caloundra before hitting the highway back home.

On the way back I did have a close call; entirely my fault and I'm grateful to the quick reflexes of the driver in the white van I pulled out in front off and promise to always double-check my mirrors and look over the shoulders as well.

All up though, a great day ride with the usual crowd and some great scenery.