Back at it again

I've just revisited the blog and realised that it has been five years since I updated it! What's that all about I have to ask myself.

Well I guess it is all about working and stuff that happens. Since 2007 my family and I have built two sheds, one for the motorbikes and one for a work office. The boys have grown up a fair bit and I've been on a few trips and simply haven't gotten organised to post. I've also acquired a few more bikes for some fun to work on and I'll post about these separately later.

Becoming involved with Horizons Unlimited has helped me to become more organised and focused on the goal or some travel on the bikes. Horizons Unlimited's web site is and worth a good read.

My recently I rode the V-Star 650 to Bright, Victoria for the Adventure Travel Film Festival and had a great time. On the way home I dropped in at my friends' Dan and Allison home in Canberra and rode home the next day.

Right now I am planning for a trip around Australia in early 2013, again on the V-Star