Ride to Adventure Travel Film Festival - Day Two - 19 Feb 2012

So what happened to Day One? I was slack. Really once I get on the bike I just keep riding, so no photos. I'm working on that and writing this blog is part of the process of learning to document things a bit. Day one was a simple run from home to Glenn Innes.

Rode to Guyra and stopped at the Federation lookout, from which there are great views. Next time I'll be sure to have the coffee packed and spend more time soaking it in. Guyra has an annual sheep and potato festival and I reckon that is worth a look in the future. Anyhow, here are some photos from Guyra.

A fully loaded V-Star 650. The little bike that could - and did!

To the north-west of Guyra

To the south-west