Sunday 13 May 2017. Handgrip heater fix and replacement

Whilst driving from from morning tea with Karen, I had a bit of brainwave on how to fix the handgrip heater and also have some vibration reduction at very little cost. Went to work on repairing the heater and that came to zero cost. Replaced the actual handgrip on the throttle side also at zero cost but I will need to order a new set of Grip Puppies so as to ensure that the left side matches and that may come to about $35.00. Given that the original idea for a full repair would have been between $100.00 and $200.00, I am pleased with both the form and function of the final product: a set of grips with heat and improved vibration resistance. Should keep me riding for some more time to come. Click here for full write-up and photos.