Saturday 12 May 2017. New handguards for the V-Star

An afternoon set aside to move some furniture etc was cancelled, so I had a chance to finish a long delayed job. Taking the prototype DIY handguards as a guide, I built a new set using information gleaned from the recent windshield modification and the year or so of running the prototype guards. Here is the result:

The next job for this bike on the hand controls is to repair or replace the grip heaters. Due to a recent visit with my GP, I have become a bit concerned about the effects of the constant vibration on nerves in my hands and feet . Hopefully the tests that the GP sent me for reveal nothing more than a diet lacking in appropriate Vitamin B and the need to lose weight. Nonetheless I will be looking at aftermarket grips and footpegs that absorb a bit of vibration. We shall see where that journey takes me soon A bit about the science behind the design can be found at this link.