Tuesday 24 June 2014, Timor Leste Day 6

Tutuala to Viveque

An early morning view of our own tropical paradise.

Our first stop on the journey to Viveque.

One of the amazing views along the major route. To the right is a memorial to the war dead of the resistance against Indonesia.

Many of the memorials include an ossuary, a bone house, to contain the bones of the war heroes.

Back to Becau for another amazing lunch.

Four little Timor ponies, or at least the motorcyle version thereof, all in a row.

 The mini-buses, called microlets, are all filled up this way. This ensures the absolute maximum amount of fuel and therefore range, per tank.

The view about two-thirds of the way to Viveque.

Empty school house. Why is it empty? When the kids saw us pull up and recognized David, they all ran across to say hello and have hime play a few tunes on his harmonica. They are out of shot to the left.

The rviver nearby our guest house accomodation at Viveque

View just outside our guest house portico.