Monday 23 June 2014, Timor Leste Day 5

Com to Tutuala.

Good helmet video camera footage to come

One last early morning look at our digs before we mount up. After all, today, we ride.

Dave from Timor Adventures is the ultimate guide. He is so full of knowledge and stories of the areas we travelled through. More importantly though, he is very passionate about the history of Timor Leste and what can be done for its people today.

Replicas of traditional Timorese housing built after the Indonesians were asked politely to leave ... These houses are now used primarily for ceremonial purposes but were the common form of house design in the districts before the Indonesion occupation. The tall roof allowed for grain storage away from animals.

Our lunchtime stop. It doesn't get any better than this.

Well, actually, it does. This is our overnight accomodation.

Our Timor ponies. Light, strong and tough as nails.