Lockyer Valley, Wednesday 9 April 2014

Today's mission was to ride cross country from Gatton to Hampton.


Anyhow, still had a great time. There are a few grass tracks and gravel roads in this area and I know absolutely none of them. Today I thought I would try Wallers Road but when I found it, I judged it too dangerous for the DR800. A smaller, more nimble bike seems to be the go and so I will come back when I get the old Yamaha XT225 Serow re-registered.

Afterwards, up and back on some other back "roads", and then onto tarmac through Esk and then home via Kilcoy. A good fun ride and I hope that you enjoy some videos here. I've tried a few more things to make them more enjoyable:

Wallers Road video:
.Brisbane Valley video, click here: