Ramblings across Lockyer Valley - 15 April 2013

Today I headed off with two great guys from Grace Lutheran Church, Richard and Trevor. Richard has a very nice Harley and Trevor a BMW K1600GTL. I showed up on the Widowmaker; the Suzuki DR800.

We travelled across to Woodford, Somerset, Gatton and back through Esk, Toogoolowah, Kilcoy, Woodford and them home. The roads were very clear, the temparature mild, probably about 21 degrees most of the day and hardly any traffic. What a blast.

I didn't take any photos but did get a few helmet camera videos after lunch. Bit of a pity I didn't plug in before lunch as the road from Somerset to just south of Wivenhoe Dam and then back over the dam wall, left through Coominya and down to Gatton was just brilliant.

Here are the videos from the afternoon ride. I had a few battery problems as well, so the last video is in bits and pieces.

Gatton to Kilcoy Part 1

Gatton to Kilcoy Part 2

Gatton to Kilcoy Part 3