April Fools Day Ride - Monday 1 April 2013

Working away in the garden - always a favourite of the biker - when Kerri called. "Well Shane, you are always asking me when we are up for a ride, so what a you doing now?".

"Obviously riding up to met you and Peter I guess!".

Just to fill you in, Peter is my cousin and Kerri is married to Janet, Peter's younger sister. They both live about 2 to 3 hours away from home.

So we agree to meet up in Allora, a small country town between Warwick and Toowoomba. I did underestimate the amount of time it takes to get there, as it took about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I was on the Suzuki DR800, which is now running very well. Kerri suggested I take the Gatton-Clifton road and it was a great suggestion. I've driven this road many times to visit both family and client out this way and also ridden it on the V-Star a few times as well. However it is much more rewarding on a bike that turns in well and can accelerate hard out of the corners. I recommend it to any sports or sports tourer rider any day.

Unfortunately I rushed out without even thing of the helmet camera. This is a real shame as the ride is that good. I'll just have to do it again real soon.

On the way into Allora and whilst waiting to the guys to arrive, I noticed a number of MG cars travelling through town. Later that day after afternoon tea at MacDonalds we learnt that there was a MG day at Morgan Park Raceway at Warwick. The cars passing through Allora were just amazing and ranged from old T-series MGs through to the most recent MG four-door sedans. The vast majority though were MGBs and I managed a snap of the following:

It was a timely event for I can accept that I may not be able to get Karen to sit on a bike for hours with me; its not for everyone. However the MG represents to me everything that recreational motoring should be: a sprightly and fun motor, no unnecessary driver aids such as ABS or traction control adding weight to the car. Besides, my ABS and traction control are all where God intended them to be, in my right foot. Enough space for a set of tools, a couple changes of clothes, a thermos of coffee and some delights from the bakery. What more do you need? I've been thinking of this for some time and when I get back to work ... well lets just see.

Anyhow, back to the ride. After Peter and Kerri arrived at Allora, we rode the short hop into Warwick and then out to Morgan Park Raceway to watch the MG owners all packing up. Still got to see some more great cars though. After that, up and over Cunningham's Gap, back via Aratula, a stop at Willowbank and Queensland Motorsport Complex and a final stop at Amberley. Kerri and Peter then headed back west for home and I back through Brisbane to home as well.

The rides through this area are great and well worth the trip. Also the amenities along teh way and the various views and places to stop and have a look; especially if you are interested in Australian pioneer history. As the Terminator once said "Just Do It" - but don't wear Nike joggers on your bike.