Day 22 - The trip with no name - Friday 1 Mar 2013

This day started at Renmark-Paringa and travelled through the Riverland district, down to Pinaroo, Brodertown and finally, Cavendish in Victoria.

Pinaroo has a great tourist information centre and museum that celebrates printing history, the development of wheat and grains, farm machinery and a separate wing devoted to pioneering women. It really is awesome.

Check out the explanation of the song "10 green bottles".

Although I have no pictures of Bordertown, I feel it is important to highlight that it was originally developed by a police inspector, as a police depot for the protection of gold transports. Another example of how our history has been influenced so fundamentally by mining and our rich resources.

The final hours of riding through Victoria to Cavendish throw up this amazing roads and roadside vistas. Roads aren't available to describe these roads and the fact that you almost have the roads entirely to yourself just add to the experience.