Day 21 - The trip with no name - Thursday 28 Feb 2013

From Gawler to the Murray River, the photos speak for themselves.

Gawler is an testimonial to the importance of presering our pioneering history. It also provided the backdrops and sets for the famous TV series "McLeods Daughters". These photos from Gawler are all from sites along Tourist Drive 10.

Then along to Kingsford Homestead, which formed the sets and backdrops for "Drovers Run" and "Killarney" from "McLeods Daughters". Unfortunately no photos.

Then up through the Barossa Valley. This, like the Coorong, is one of the must see areas of Australia. It doesn't matter if you are a wine buff of not, the Barossa Valley is all about successful agriculture and choosing to live well.

Here is the first lock along the Murray River. I am very gratefull for the chance to ride along the Murray River and in my own small way, try to develop an understanding of the importance of the Murray-Darling Basin.

Then onto Waikerie, which has detailed the progress of irrigation farming, even down to engineering feats such as the pumping of salty groundwater to keep down salinity. This part of the trip plays on  my mind as I ride and I start to ponder about going back to university to study agriculture. Hmmm ...

I finally ended up at Renmark. The Murray River agains shines as the highlight.