Day 18 - The trip with no name - Monday 25 Feb 2013

Today, success!

I was fortunate enough to book my bike into Pitmans Yamaha. The ride across was interesting because, you guessed it, it was raining. What was it that the locals were saying? Shane, you should bring the rain with you! Compliant aren't I? Honesty, people need to start paying me for breaking droughts in their shires!

Anyhow, got the bike there and "Blue" was able to take the bike straight into the workshop. The clutch parts may be an issue but last night I heard from one of the Horizons Unlimited guys with a spare room and so I should be AOK there as well.

With those worries taken care of, I was able to catch a bus back to Adelaide city and then a tram to Glenelg. Glenelg and Holdfast Bay is the original settlement of Adelaide and holds a lot of history. A good place to start is the town hall and Bay Discovery Centre and just follow on from there.

Tomorrow I will set off early to visit the National Trust site "Ayers House Museum". That's just a tram ride away back to Adelaide city and whilst there I should get instructions to other National Trust properties that I can access via public transport.