Great Ocean Road 3 March 2007

Farewell and Riders on the Storm

Saturday 3 March 2007

The last day of the trip. From Tahblik Dan was heading north back home to Canberra and I was heading south back down to Melbourne. A final farewell with promises to be sure that this was the first and not the last ride and we were off, but the trip had one more drama in store for me.

Travelling down the Hume Highway with no problems, all was good with the world. Then as I approached Melbourne a huge electrical storm was brewing. I could see up to three lightning strikes at a time hit the ground in the direction I was heading. The thunder reverberated towards me. Yes, it did frighten me, just a little. Why would I ride towards such a storm? Perhaps it will move on I thought, or more appropriately, hoped. Luck was on my side today and as I got closer the storm moved on. When I returned the bike to Aussie Motorcycle Hire, the storm had passed by about an hour earlier.

So now it was farewell to the trusty Kawasaki kill a few hours and back on the bus. Then back on the plane and home to start planning my next trip.

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