Sunday 30 April 2017. Glen Innes - Inverell, Bingara, Inverell, Ashord - Stanthorpe

The second day of our annual KKK ride. We left Glen Innes early and took the sublime road to Inverell.

Shortly after leaving Glen Innes, we turned off to Pajero Point. Its actually properly called Sinclair Lookout but its has been renamed within our circles since Karen and I visited there some years ago in our Series Two Pajero to find a collection of Series Two and Series Three Pajeros there already. It really is a beautiful spot. We noticed that to the south-west that a wind farm has gone in. Here are some of the photos:

Breakfast at the Union Bar was terrific. I had smashed avacado, I hope that doesn't offend our current Federal treasurer. Then off to Copeton Dam, pictures below:

Through the back roads and into Bingara. A lovely small town. One of us had an embarrassing moment he he tried to dismount his bike before putting down the side stand. A right turn at Bingara and the off the main focus for the ride for me, The Myall Creek Massacre Memorial. There is too much to say and understand about this site that I have yet to comprehend and even if I did, I doubt that a blog is an effective vehicle for this. If you are interested in learning more, please take a read of this website:  I do ask that you ask yourself, how much of Australia's history have you not been taught. For now, here are my photos of the walk to the memorial:

After the Myall Creek Massacre memorial, it was back roads through Ashford and up to the Bruxner Highway, across to the New England and back to Nick and Mary-Jane's place. Dinner at Ballandean Tavern. At a roadside stop, may battery decided to give Nick's jumper leads a trial, they were found to be just fine. At this stage it looks like a short in the right-hand grip heaters, an easy fix for next week sometime. Once they were disconnected and the bike restarted, the battery charged over the next hour or so. The Bruxner Highway was pretty fantastic and is certainly worthy of another  ride sometime in the next year or so.

Sunday morning was a Mary-Jane cooked breakfast special, loading up the bikes and heading home via our separate ways. Plans are afoot for next year's ride but I can't help but wonder how the long weekend in October may pan out. We shall see.