Saturday 27 May 2017. A ride through the Lockyer Valley

Today a small group; Val, Trevor, Derek, Dorothy, Michael, Julie and I kicked off from MacDonalds at Yamanto and travelled some back roads. The route went through Peak Crossing, Harrisville, Warril View, Rosewood, Laidley, Lake Dyer, Forest Hill, Gatton and then lunch at Gatton. Some of us grabbed takeawy at the 'Floating Cafe', which was named after the Grantham Floods in 2011 and we all dined at Bugler Park, which is an excellent place to stop and refresh.

After lunch we stopped at Plainlands for a bit of a gourmet purchase. I grabbed several wursts and some imported Danish waffles, which Karen loves. Then up through Lowood, Esk, Grigor Creek Road, Kilcoy and then home. Dorothy lead us through Grigor Creek Road as I have never been on it; its quite a pleasant surprise, right up there with the Maidenwell-Upper Yamanto back road.

As usuall, these days I am enjoying the moment too much and forgot to take lots of photos. Here are two from Lake Dyer. Next time, we will go through Plainlands first, stop by Schulze's Meat Tavern and pick up some gourmet sausages to cook at Lake Dyer. Visiting this lake was another first time thing for me and it was quite spur of the moment but really worth it. Over the last ten years, the standard of public amenities all over south-east Queensland has really picked up and enjoying the great outdoors is better than ever.