Sunday 14 Feb 2016. More cleanup and maintenance on the Suzuki

Over the last two weeks I've been cleaning up some things on the Suzuki, from lubricating the speedo cable, torquing up the spokes on the wheels, taping up some electricals for better resistance to dirt and dust, valve clearances, valve cover gasket and cleaning up holes and cracks in the beak. To fill the holes I use Permatex 5 minute plastic weld and it works well. However when the paint went on, you can see a few places where I could have sanded the epoxy more, if you look closely enough. No problem, it is a dirt bike after all. Next time though I will use the 30 minute general purpose version. Hopefully if will be a softer covering and a stronger colour, thus easier to evaluate if more sanding prior to paint.

On the mechanical side though, the bike starts with just a touch of the button and idles nicely. Perhaps another horsepower or two has been found. At this stage I don't know but I am sure looking forward to finding out.