Thursday 31 Dec 2015 out and about the Glasshouse Mountains

On New Year's Eve, Mark K and myself trundled around the Glasshouse Mountains area. Despite only being about 30 minutes from home, I really haven't spent much time out here. That's a real shame and I hope to address that. Mark is very familiar with the area and so this ride wasn't about going flat out, more about having a nice easy look about. We probably spent more time chatting, as well as lunch and morning tea, than riding but the views are fantastic and the company was great. With only two of us we had to take it easy for the sake of safety, as you normally need three as a bare minimum for a safe group. In case of a serious accident, you need to have an injured person, one to administer first aid and monitor vital signs and the third person to fetch help, if needed. We did come across a group of guys whom had a slightly injured rider with them. The rider's boot had pulled straight off his foot so I can only guess what soft tissue injury he sustained.

This first photo is from the Glasshouse Mountains Lookout Cafe:

This second photo is from the Glasshouse Mountains lookout, just a few kilometres up the road from the cafe.