30 January 2016 #2. Indicator reflector.

Whilst working on the headlight I noticed that the front, left hand side indicator was a bit dull. Closer inspection found that the power wire was frayed and so that was a quick re-solder job to repair. Just out of curiousity I compared the current aftermarket indicators to the original, broken indicator. What I found was that the original Suzuki indicator has a small reflector behind the bulb. Nothing flash, just a small amount of lightly polished metal.

A recent tip I had received to improve a headlight's beam was to clean the reflector, so keeping this in mind I thought, why not make my own reflector, can't hurt, right? So with some Permatex Ultra Copper that I had bought and used for the exhaust, a Diet Coke Can, some spring loaded clamps, tin snips and some metal polish I have a new reflector. Yet to do the same for the right hand side or the read indicators yet but will do so. I'm not sure how hot standard bulbs get and if any RTV silicon would work but the Ultra Copper works on very hot surfaces such as the DR800 exhaust, so I know all bases are covered.

I wonder if I use a different can if the aluminium would be more polished to start with? I have an empty Red Bull can on the floor of the 4WD, will it make the bike faster?