Tuesday 28 April 2015. One more hole, one more leak

As the dedicated reader may be aware, the Suzuki DR800 has been a bit leaky on the oil front. This is simply an issue of it being a 25 year old bike. As a result I have been very slowly but just as much very surely, chasing down oil leaks. It is very satisfying to look down on the engine or transmission case and see only dust collecting where once there would have been oil. Mind you, now I need to lubricate the chain more often.

The latest oil leak resolution was to send the oil cooler lines to ENZED at Brendale. The guys there did a great job of pulling off the 25 year-old braided cable and replacing it all as per the picture below. The few short check I have done reveal no additional oil being bled out. Cost was AUD $132.00. The cost to replace just one line was $154.00, involved a four week wait as it was imported from Japan and  the second line was simply not available. Great job fron ENZED and another problem are ticked off the list. The next part is wiring up the heated grips ... BTW, it is a BIG list.