Tool Day!!

The weather in Dallas has not been kind to us and it was a relief to hand back the rental car a few days ago. Tomorrow we are off to an ice hockey game and the weather will be better hopefully.

Anyhow, what to do when in a strange city with freezing temparatures and lots of rain. Go to discount tool stores of course! I had heard from several Youtube publishers of a store called Harbor Freight and we found one nearby. Caught a lift and spent up big. $41.58 all up.  A comparison of some of the tools and prices back home:

Spark plug boot puller
US$2.95  converted to AUS$3.60 roughly, although I have never seen such a tool at home. It should help preserve the connection between the spark plug lead and end.

Small spring puller
US$4.99 converted to AUS$6.00 roughly. I have never seen one for less than $15.00 at home.

Helping hands and magnifying glass.
US$3.49 converted to AUS$4.20 roughly. In two separate shops at home, $13.00.

Mechanics stethoscope
US$3.99 converted to AUS$4.80 roughly. At home, if you can get one, $30.00.

Exhaust expander. I can use this for custom exhaust parts but can not find one in Australia at all. US$9.99. This may save me hundreds in work I can now do myself that I had to send out previously.

A good day.