Back in time ... The Great Australian Ride Send Off - 9 August 2014

Now that university has finished for the year and the Horizons Unlimited Queensland 2014 meeting is over, I have decided to break free from 'the subtle tyrant of time' and go back and finish some photos, videos and commetaries from earlier this year. Thus, there will be a few posts over the next month that will refer to events and rides out of chronological order.

The first one of these is the Great Australian Ride 'Send-off'. Each year a group of riders led by the charismatic Stuart Ball, head off from Byron Bay and cross Australia, through the centre, to Steep Point in Western Australia. For those of us who are not yet ready to tackle such a challenge, we can do certain legs of the journey and this year I joined the send-off from Byron Bay to Tenterfield. It was a great day, a real carnival atmosphere and countless bikes left Cape Byron lighthouse together. The entire event is desinged to be a great adventure and raises funds for the Sids and Kids Foundation in Brisbane. Here is the video of my early morning ride from the caravan park to the lighthouse. If you listen closely you can hear that the bike needs a service and some nuts and bolts need re-tensioning.

I'll be doing another video of the ride from the lighthouse to Tenterfield and trying something different, an audio commetary. Not sure what I will say, I need to think that one through.

Until the next post, ride it like you stole it.