Tuesday 26 August 2014. Phoenix rising?

The last few days have seen some progress on the Suzuki DR800. The pickup coil is fixed and I've painted the crankcase cover. Before painting though, I modified it slightly, marking where No 1 bolt should go so as to ensure that I always put them back in order. I also increased the space for the wires to come out of between the crankcase. The wires I used are a thicker guauge than stock and will not bend as easily. This spot is after the seal and so should not affect oil leakage. Wiring around the instrument cluster is coming along well but photos of that for another day.

When finished painting, the crankcase will have three coats of VHT case paint, three coats of VHT caliper black satin and three coats of VHT caliper clear. When I put on the cover, I will use some 6 mm rod as guies so that it slides on perfectly in place. With a new gasket, permatex no2 gasket maker and an outside bead of RTV oil resistant there should be no more oil leak as well.